FK Key wallet (RFID blocking)

  • The RFID Key Wallet is the only wallet to block your wireless car key signal.
  • Foil pouches aren't strong enough in blocking the signal, which opens you up to theft. 
  • We suggest adding an RFID blocking pouch to your Key Safe. 
  • NB: Follow the key safe instructions to use correctly. 

Step 1:

Remove the hard key from your electronic key or grab your surf key. Remember, these keys should only unlock your car, not start it.

Step 2:

Place the key that starts your car in the foil pouch, included with our Regular Key Safe. Hide the pouch in your car. Note: Foil pouches don’t block the signal well enough and are still a risk. We suggest our RFID blocking pouches which we sell separately. 

Step 3:

For added security and to protect your insurance, we suggest adding another line of defence and using an FK Surf Combination steering lock on your steering wheel.

Step 4:

Lock your car and secure the key in the FK Key Safe. Attach it to a safe and hidden spot on your car.

Now you can go and surf with peace of mind, knowing your car and belongings are safe!