Surf Impact Vest



- Purpose built / fitted buoyancy panels that won’t inhibit movement or ability to paddle.

- Rear zip to provide snug fit and help get in/out

- Bright top that looks like jet ski jacket for visibility safety without affecting performance.

- Innovative handles on rear jacket for emergency surfer pick up.

- Strategically placed buoyancy panels to assist in coming to surface and lower impact in wipeouts.

- Not an approved flotation device or Jet ski jacket.


Fit Information:

  • Designed to be a snug fit so it wont pull over your head in a heavy wipeout.
  • Back zip helps make it easier to get on and off.
  • Removing instructions.

1/ Undo zip

2/ For easiest removal do not turn inside out as removing.

3/ Apply the pressure from the top of the jacket and lift/slide the vest off over your head keeping the vest the same way that you wear it rather than turning it inside out.