Hailing from Burleigh Heads Liam is one of Australia’s brightest young talents. A previous winner of the Rip Curl Australian grom search Liam embarked on his WQS career in 2018. Starting with a strong showing at the world junior titles we are sure he is bound for glory over the next few years, especially after his 2nd place finish at the US Open in 2019. Other sponsors include Billabong, DHD and Liive Vision.


As Australia’s only new entrant onto the 2018 World Championship Tour Wade carries the weight of the country on his shoulders - a weight that paid off after he was awarded the 2018 Rookie of the Year.

This should only make his incredible power turns even stronger as he chases future milestones. His laid back attitude and nature allows his incredible surfing to do the talking, which is why we love having him on the FK team. Other companies that share our view include Liive Vision, C-Skins, Future Fins and Rusty.


Everybody loves a larakin and we are no exception. Bred on the point breaks of Snapper, Rainbow and Kirra, and raised on diet of shoeys and barrels, it's no wonder he’s earned the nickname of 'midget magic'. An amazing surfer in the barrel, on the rail or in the air. Other companies that share our love include The Mad Hueys and Liive Vision.


If you hang out around most of the contest scenes you could be excused for wondering who or where is Mikala Jones. But, if you spend time avoiding crowds, chasing perfect waves, and hanging inside big barrels you understand what we see in this incredible surfer. From incredible photographs, amazing adventures and an all round nice guy, Mikala Jones is the ideal tube junky test pilot to road test our waxes, grips, leashes and boardcovers. Other sponsors include Reef and Dragon eyewear.  If you don’t already make sure you follow him on Instagram.