FK Regular Key Safe


Secure / Durable / Simple With the FK Key Safe. Massive Key storage area to protect your car and belongings from theft.

Step 1:

Remove the hard key from your electronic key or grab your surf key. Remember, these keys should only unlock your car, not start it.

Step 2:

Place the key that starts your car in the foil pouch, included with our Regular Key Safe. Hide the pouch in your car. Note: Foil pouches don’t block the signal well enough. We suggest our RFID blocking pouches which we sell separately. 

Step 3:

For added security and to protect your insurance, we suggest adding another line of defence and using an FK Surf Combination steering lock on your steering wheel.

Step 4:

Lock your car and secure the key in the FK Key Safe. Attach it to a safe and hidden spot on your car.

Now you can go and surf with peace of mind, knowing your car and belongings are safe!

Refer to detailed instructions in the images or video below: