FarKing X-Soft Green Cold Wax

For over 30 years we have been on a mission to make the perfect surf wax.  Now we offer 8 different blends to give surfers a perfect coat that suits their style, whether it's tiny sticky beads or soft and extra tacky.

  • Lasts for hours
  • Gives perfect wax beads
  • Offers the ultimate surfer to surfboard bond
  • Two years of research, product development and team rider testing




    Tropical / Base

    25°C / 75F and above



    20-24°C / 66-75F Firm 


    15-19°C / 58-67F Soft 


    14°C / 58F and below Extra Soft


    For best results

    1. Scrape all the wax off your board and start with a fresh coat.
    2. Tropical X hard/ Base (orange) down first.
    3. Warm/Hard (Red) on top or Cool if you are in cooler waters or prefer a softer wax

    Important:  Wax is a very personal choice. Temperatures are only a guide. If you prefer a harder wax, you may like the tropical in temperatures below the recommended.  Likewise, if you prefer a softer/sticker wax you may prefer the Blue Softer variant in warmer waters.

    Temperature : Cold